Today you were here


Today a lady joined me on the bus. She smelled just like you, that soft blend of gardenia and rose with a touch of lily that preceded you everyday. Not the typical scents of a man, true, perhaps that’s what drew me to you. Your masculine features and yet ever so feminine touch.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, I could almost see you; those beady eyes, that contagious smile, I miss your gracefulness,  you were indeed the perfect gentleman.

When she got off the bus, her scent- your scent- lingered on a few moments. I thought I felt you squeeze my hand. A sudden warmth rushed over me that brought tears to my eyes. I saw myself once again in your arms, I heard you whisper in my ear. It was just for a few moments but it matters little because today you were here, you were near, close to the touch.

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