Little Matters

The moment he saw her back at the door he knew something was wrong. It was in how she stood there, and  looked at him. The silence between them spoke volumes and he understood perfectly. He just did. And so he walked to her and embraced her, “You’re going to be fine,” he said, “You’ll see.” “When Kenny?” Sena sobbed, staining his shirt with her tears. “Soon” Kenny replied, although each passing day robbed him of  some  faith in that assurance.

To a sister, schoolmate- Ama Mensima Abban.

We were not the best of friends, we were not class mates, or dorm mates, or table mates but you were more than an acquaintance. I  remember one time I had come to your dorm for some purpose I cannot remember now. You were trying to unzip your chapel cloth. I quickly offered to help, and though you allowed me to, you said something that has since stayed with me. You said you usually zip and unzip your dresses yourself. I wasn’t used to that idea so I think I dared you to zip up by yourself . you did. “It’s good to be able to do these things by yourself” you said. And since then all we shared were occasional hello’s on our way to the Dining Hall, Chapel or to prep. But I learnt to zip by myself too and our conversation often came to mind when I zipped up my dresses by myself when I went to

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I’m Only Human

Fool me once, fool me twice Fool me no more than thrice Hurt me once, hurt me twice Thrice will mean cutting well over your size Thrice and you’ll be ignoring the caution call for the wise So fool me once or hurt me twice I have done more than just fall for your lies Thrice, and you’ll earn more than my mere despise And trust for that I will not apologize.  

I don’t know what go into me!!

One evening, when i had become over addicted to a particular photography page on Facebook  i clicked the message button and wrote the following letter. I do not know what kind of ambition possessed me or the manner of reply to expect, i got a positive feedback! Moral: sometimes being conventional is NOT the way to go. Dear Sir, HERE’S HOW MUCH I WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH YOU: I suppose the process of producing the kind of magic you do is very involving, which is why I understand that you may not have enough time to reply all your Facebook messages-especially those that require an examination of your Ghanaian directory skills! I want to inform you that I took it upon myself to find out where your office is. I’m told its around the K………. I trust I will find it, and I will be more than happy to present myself for an interview once you confirm the date and

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