Happy Mother’s Day

To the mothers with no mothers to tell them how it’s done or what to do

To the mothers who themselves need their mothers because they are too young to know what to do

To those who just discovered they’re about to be mothers.

To those whose decision to be mothers meant severing relationships or letting others down

To the mothers by accident

To mothers who also have to be fathers

And the fathers who also have to be mothers

To those who had step up to the role because of the absence of their own mother, or someone to take care of the others

To the mothers who have to have it all together, are struggling to keep it together, or have it all together

Happy Mother’s Day!


P.S Quite late but I had to post it anyway


You know those times when You feel the world has walked You out
And You really want to believe in You but all You do is doubt
You know those times when You feel every whisper at Your back
Is yet another person jeering at You
And You keep wondering why but as always, You still have no clue
Those times when You look up and there’s only darkness in view
Those times… I’m there… right there with You

You know those times when You really want to try
But all You can do is break down and cry
You know those times when Your soul aches and Your heart breaks
And Your whole world is rocked by thunderstorms and earthquakes
Those times when Your best of friends bid You goodbye
And even Your strongest efforts crumble before You like apple pie
Those times… I’m there… right there with You

You know, i really know how You feel
I know its hard and I know You’re scared, but please believe I’m real
Believe I exist, trust that I live in You
Please allow me to help You keep the heavens in view
Believe I’m around even when I do not speak or when my words are few
Trust me, I’m here only because of you… please believe me, it is true
Believe I’ll always be there…Believe I am here…and forever will be, just for You.


When I look around me

The world stands tall and I like an elf

The sun shines with warmth and brightens all

But I am cold, dark and dull

The dawn brings hope to all every morn

But I only brood the more

Nature in its own way brings to all inspiration

But in frustration I desperately call for salvation

Yet when I look all around me

The world still stands tall and I like an elf

I look at the stillness all around me

And write this poem all by myself