I HAVE A GREAT FRIEND IN YOU. 20.03 — therealetsey

This dawn, I had a rather surreal mind journey with legendary American gospel singer, award-winning songwriter, arranger, record producer, pastor, a man who has been referred to as “father of modern day gospel music,” a true music sensation and piano maestro (although he never learnt or read about it), Andrae Crouch. I had to fall […]…

How to Search for a Job in Ghana

You’ve finally graduated university. All praise to God who has shown you  such mercy. Now you too wield a certificate, the ultimate weapon of survival in this our economy. It doesn’t matter that you had Third class; we all know the hustle you went through to get to where you are. Shame on all the…


for the one who is as lonely as I once was… God i still in the business of listening.


Say cheers to all the tears,
let’s celebrate the reality this truth bears
Shall we have a toast?
To the many times I…