The Hostel Manager, The Programmer and Me ;)


So as you may have noticed, I recently acquired a brand new name! Rosa Antoinette ( Kuukua Annang Asante ( here’s the part where I do my happy dance and display all my 32 and couple more teeth lol.) Yes, I got married to a very beautiful person Francis Asante. Anyone who has met this man will understand how easy it was for me to  “fall” for him, and how privileged I am to share life with him . I am still working on finding the words to describe how I feel, God really outdid himself on this one. Maybe I will share that in another post.Right now I just want to share a bit of my joy, and some pictures  with you.

How we met…

Put simply, we were sold the same room at a hostel by a crook of a hostel manager called Pa George ( Shout outs to all the GIJ alumnae who can relate- Anthony Jackson, Jemila, Ini and the rest!). This was in 2010 I think, when I was studying for a Diploma in Communication Studies at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, and he was studying Computer Science at Ashesi University which was then located at Labone.

When it was time for us to move in, my roommate Araba and I were shown a room which was already being occupied by Francis and his roommate Henry! Of course I was angry, but my mother was angrier, you should have seen how she lashed out at the old man. Pa George eventually gave Araba and I a new room ( a better deal actually, thanks to Mama) but I had to meet the guys who “stole” our room and I did meet one of them – The One. We became friends, very good friends,(ok we dated, but you know our parents don’t like hearing tins like that ah)  and well, here we are now!

Lesson: In all things give thanks – even for the Pa Georges of your life! lol


Enter a caption


These young vendors made magic happen for me. I’d totally recommend them to you, check them out 0n instagram!

Photography: The MemoryLane Crew

Kente Dress: Zoya_ 233

Hair: RevUp Salon Gh

MakeUp: Lamisi MakeUp Artistry

18 Comments Add yours

  1. Desaha says:

    This was lovely. I wish you the very best in your union


  2. Thank you flash fiction! Will check my mail.Thanks


  3. Congratulations, Kuukua! Would you kindly check your email please. We sent you an urgent message recently. Thank you.


  4. Beautiful words, even on the Pa George’s of our life😍


  5. Angie says:

    Hehehe… Nice one. Congratulations dear… Blessed marriage 😘


  6. Thanks love. Yes there really is a silver lining in every cloud. Sometimes the cloud is called PA George lol

    Liked by 1 person

  7. S.onanon says:

    Beautiful! Couple! Love ur hair/makeup/dress! And the story: gosh sum good things can come out of the ‘seemingly bad “..
    Wish u guys forever!!


  8. Abigail says:



  9. Wow, this is a beautiful. congrats once again


  10. Iriz Chan says:

    Beautiful couple. Your both fortunate having each other. 🙂


  11. VinX says:

    Simple but classic photographs


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